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Leslie Carpenter - Master Trainer

Hello everyone and welcome to my page! My name is Leslie Carpenter and have been in the dog training world since I was a little girl (approximately 6 yrs. old). I did not know at that time, that dog training was not just a family affair… but it was genetic! My Mimi (Grandma) was a carrier and passed it down to my dad, who kindly passed it down to me and one of my sister’s. The dog training gene was activated through exposure to dog training classes and dog sports that were taught every weekend by my Mimi; Janice Carpenter, owner and operator of Kowtown K9 Kapers Dog Obedience School. My Mimi had been training and showing dogs since she was 6 years old as well; 6 years old must be a lucky number for my family. My older sister, Cassandra Carpenter was 6 years old when the dog training gene was activated and now a Successful Professional Handler in Confirmation. I was lucky and got to learn a lot about the dog and human behavior at a very young age through Behavior Modification, Obedience, Agility, Terrier Trials, Trick and Confirmation Classes. Through this, I learned how to teach others what I had learned to their dogs and other people. I was later introduced to a very special person that ended up exposing my young mind to a dog sport that would change my life forever. Sherry Lee, owner and operator of Linden Hollow Sheep Farm. Sherry introduced to me to what quickly became my favorite game, herding. Little did I know, Sherry and my grandma shared many years of friendship before me, dog training and showing and even raised their families together. With this friendship, I was shown the ways of herding. The joy you get out of watching a herding bred dog do it's job, learning the benefits of a working partner on your farm, and of course the fun of the competition. Let’s just say I became ADDICTED, and herding OBSESSED just like the well-known Border Collie!I started my own business, “Shepherds Lantern Herding, LLC” to help fuel the herding addiction in others by sharing the knowledge that has been passed down and learned throughout my years training. My goal is to help as many herding bred dogs get their minds and bodies healthy while helping you have fun with your dog! I currently own 3 amazing border collies (Raiden, Lotus and Sigil) and plan on expanding my four-legged farm hands soon with my first Beauceron to herd with. I work with any herding breed (even herding mixed breeds!) and really enjoy seeing the many talents and traits that each breed has to offer. I do my best to help each owner and dog work to their full capability as a team and to have fun! I am forever grateful to my Mimi and Sherry for sharing their experiences and knowledge in dog training with me and for encouraging my interest in dog training. I am just as grateful to everyone else in my life who has played an important part in my journey whether it be good or bad, from the past to the present. We always learn from both! Thanks for coming on this journey with me and thank you for the support! NOW LET’S HERD!

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In Memory of Hope

My 1000 mile dog that started with a letter.

5/15/2001 - 2/10/2015

Hope was my very first border collie and my heart dog that is no longer amongst the living, but forever
alive in my heart and soul. Hope was a very pretty, female border collie that had classical black and
white markings, a rough coat and pricked ears. She was a little over a year old when I picked her up from Mr. Hershell Nelson at Poley Creek Border Collies in Alabama. I will never forget the special journey that my mom and I took to go and get Hope. We put 1000 miles on my dad’s brand new pickup truck to go and get her which ended up giving Hope the nickname of “1000 mile dog” in my I was excited to meet Mr. Nelson when we arrived because we had only spoken through handwritten letters. I found Mr. Nelson by researching a pedigree that belonged to a childhood friend’s border collie. The moment Mr. Nelson opened up the kennel door, Hope ran across the backyard straight to me to say hello and would not leave my side. I remember Mr. Nelson saying that she normally does not do that to new people and always says hello to him first when let out of her kennel. That’s the special moment we connected. Hope was my sidekick and journeyed with me everywhere! We went on many adventures and trained together in Obedience, Agility, and Herding. There really was nothing that Hope would not do for me. We started competing in Agility, Rally Novice, and then in Herding. I found out that Hope had severe hip dysplasia when she was 5 years old which ended our dog sporting career. Hope was allowed to help me manage the sheep farm though when we were needed as extra hands. Hope lived to be a ripe old lady (13.5 yrs. Old), was everyone’s favorite to pet, loved to howl at me when excited, and always had her tongue out. Because of her, I have been border collie and herding obsessed and still miss her every day.

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My Dogs

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RRSF Lotus Flower HSAs HSBs "Lotus"

Border Collie


DFF's Raiden HSAs HSBs HIAs HIBs HXAs "Raiden"

Border Collie


Bryn-Yr-Orsedd Sigil "Sigil"

Border Collie

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