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Approximately 7 years ago I began researching and talking to breeders about a new breed of dog to herd with besides my awesome border collies. The search has ended and the breed has been selected. I chose the BEAUCERON! Known as the French Shepherd, a very rare and ancient herding breed that is still used in its mother country and other areas of the world to herd. I chose this breed to add alongside my border collies because they are just as talented and versatile as the Border collie. I have also been expanding my knowledge in another form of herding most commonly known as “tending/European style/Continental herding”. It is pretty much where the dog helps his/her Shepherd move large flocks of livestock to graze in areas without fences. The dogs are trained to be a living fence. Beaucerons are one of many wonderful breeds that excel in tending. I have had the pleasure of working with a couple of Beaucerons in herding and I just LOVE them!

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